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Rocket League Crate Opening Q&A - GOAL EXPLOSION & 5+ PAINTED Items! + GIVEAWAY! (Overdrive)

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Rocket League crate opening! Today we answer question while getting black market goal explosions, painted animus, centio, & wheels! Buy Rocket League Items at my sponsor AOEAH, & use code "SIR" for a discount!: https://www.aoeah.com/rocket-league-items In today's rocket league trading video, we open 50 overdrive crates and get a TON of amazing things! A black market goal explosion (No mystery decal crates) so either electroshock, hellfire, sub-zero, or fireworks, painted animus, painted centio, slk, maybe exotics like FGSP, Turbine, zomba? Also we do a questions and answers throughout! GAMERLINK: Find other Rocket League players with the 100% FREE app! -...
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