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#SH_THOLE: Trump Trolls MSM In Advance of #FIREWORKS MLK Day 1/15/18

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January 12, Trump has trolled the media once again to incite the implosion of MSM and expose the REAL sh_t: Clinton/Bush/Obama destruction of Haiti and other 3rd world nations in order to harvest their children, natural resources and to enact globalist medical genocide on their people. I will post a blog with links for this video by tomorrow 1/13. To support You Are Free TV: https://www.patreon.com/youarefreetv To support with Crypto: Bitcoin: 1Gn6uy8AnAoH8pQPkaxNfzaceZmj7z5mm4 BCH: 1CDDiCUE2BtXBDJjhrUUFn7WhucotsWfZ Ether: 0x847729Efdf0d6523197CFa1fA6e191b057849643 Litecoin: LVNzRLJYuwgsxTwhAHTKf7JSicYqYmC5xG Thanks to everyone for your support of this channel. I am committed to continuing with this channel and to expand this into...
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