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GSM Update 2/13/18 - Narrative Shifts as Seal Level Rises? Solar “Grand Minima” Threat Analysis

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Is A ‘Mini Ice Age’ On The Way? The Grand Solar Minimum, Explained http://uproxx.com/life/is-mini-ice-age-coming-grand-solar-minimum-explained/ Scientists Say Sun Will Be Cooler By 2050, Warn Of Mini Ice Age http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2018/02/12/sun-cooler-ice-age/ Northern Hemisphere GFS Model: https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=gfs®ion=nhem&pkg=T2m&runtime=2018021300&fh=6 North America Snowcast for the next 48 hours: https://files.opensnow.com/Colorado/usandcanada/2018/02-february/2018-02-11.003.jpg Wind, Ice and Bitter Cold Are Making South Korea's Winter Olympics a Little Too Wintry http://time.com/5154428/pyeongchang-winter-olympics-extreme-weather/ Ayrshire warned to brace for up to 15cm of snowfall https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/ayrshire-warned-brace-up-15cm-12012217 Extremely dangerous Category 4 Tropical Cyclone "Gita" slams into Tonga https://watchers.news/2018/02/12/extremely-dangerous-category-4-tropical-cyclone-gita-slams-into-tonga/ U.S.: Florida orange crop estimate continues to fall https://www.freshfruitportal.com/news/2018/02/13/u-s-florida-orange-crop-estimate-continues-fall/ 'It was like an explosion': Western France shaken by 4.8 magnitude...
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