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Jay Perez / Aaron Holler "The Band" - Live - 4/22/17 - Que Bonito Es Tejano Explosion 2017

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Drum cam of Aaron Holler from Jay Perez and "The Band" performing Que Bonito Es from No Limits live at Tejano Explosion in San Antonio, Texas April 21nd 2017 during Fiesta DW SSC Maple Collector's Exotic in Natural to Candy Azure Blue Burst over Mapa Burl with Black Nickel Hardware. Aquarian Drumheads - Clear Response 2 over Classic Clear Black on the toms, Black Hi-Impact over Hi-Performance Snare on the DW Edge, and a clear Force 1 on the kick. Zildjian Cymbals Shure Microphones Rode Microphones Vic Firth Drumsticks
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