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[For Honor] Conq-at-Arms

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The RAH strength of youth may be spent, but his eyes hold the secrets of a hundred ganks. Featuring artwork by "EnglishButter" (https://twitter.com/englishybutter?lang=en) Check out his etsy page here: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/englishybutter Music Used: Combat in the Ruins (Darkest Dungeon OST) Hail the Nightmare (Bloodborne OST) Sounds Used: Chivalry Medieval Warfare (Mason Order Knight, "Bob", and gore sound effects) Darkest Dungeon (The Ancestor Quotes, UI Sound Effects, Misc. sounds) Serious Sam The First Encounter (Minigun) Painkiller (Weapons, Misc & Soul Sounds, Amputee, Deto, Executioner, "Girl", Maso, Nurse, Slave voice lines) kitty0706 & vaas yanovich (Lots of sounds) Ed Edd n' Eddy (Even...
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