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Winter Freeze Warning in Big Island, Hawaii after Eruption Ice Nucleation Event (630)

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A freeze warning was put out on the Big Island of Hawaii that was above 12,000 ft. Rare is what the meteorologists said. This is termed ice nucleation, the other famous volcanoes were Pinatubo and Iceland that grounded air traffic across Europe. So we need to ask ourselves, how big is this eruption now? Snow across Idaho and Montana and some Rocky mountain states, freezing low temperature for N.E US. *** ADAPT 2030 True Leaf Market Link *** http://www.pjtra.com/t/SkNITkxPS0xDR0xPRkdLQ0dLSUdOSw *** Today’s Story Links *** Freezing Rain after Big Island eruption https://www.cleveland.com/weather/blog/index.ssf/2018/06/as_kilauea_erupts_freezing_rai.html Hawaii warnings http://www.prh.noaa.gov/hnl/watchwarn/island_watchwarn.php?island=Big_Island http://newsgw.com/hawaii-volcano-eruption-mysterious-freezing-rain-stuns-scientists-after-lava-explosion/ http://newsgw.com/hawaii-volcano-eruption-mysterious-freezing-rain-stuns-scientists-after-lava-explosion/ Sky colors https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DfYhEG5WsAAak-o.jpg Mtn...
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