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7-09 Major Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Crater Collapse Explosion, USGS Drone Image, ERZ Map on Google ????

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3D Animation rendered on Google Earth with 7/08/2018 Crater Satellite Radar image for Hawaii Kilauea Volcano summit and East Rift Zone Fissure Complex Lava Flow map released on 7/09/2018 2:00 PM. USGS M5+ Earthquake Data, Summit Crater Fault and Fracture map and USGS 6/29/2018 released Fissure 8 Drone flight image are also included. At the moment, there are 24 locations indicated (1 through 24) The first occurrence at F1 location started on 5/3/2018 at Leilani Estates. According to the latest USGS ERZ lava flow and the Thermal Map F8 is the most active fissure. F22 had lava discharge but not...
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