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Exotic and Erotic Tahiti || Heiva, Shopping & Sailing French Polynesia

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We've sailed to Tahiti and we're heading to the sexiest event of the year. MORE DEETS on the BLOG: https://gonewiththewynns.com/exotic-erotic-tahiti JOIN OUR SAILING CREW ⛵ http://bit.ly/join-gwtw OUR TOP CAMERA GEAR ???? ???? http://bit.ly/17-cameras ???? AWESOME tunes for vids: http://bit.ly/artlist-gwtw - Artists: Giants and Pilgrims, Eldar Kedem, J.A.K. (the intro song on guitar was recorded at Heiva) SUPPORT OUR VIDS ???? http://bit.ly/patreon-wynn GET SOCIAL with us ???? http://bit.ly/gwtw-social WANT MORE? Check out our SWEET Site: http://bit.ly/gwtw-home ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Polynesian Culture at it's finest. We are absolutely blown away by the experience that is Heiva. It's touted as the biggest event of the...
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