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We Are Near The Bottom in Cryptos and 2019 Could See A Massive Price Explosion

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Jeff Berwick interviewed for Block TV, this interview was recorded at the Israel Bitcoin Summit in Tel Aviv on January 8th TDV Summit info & tickets: http://TDVsummit.com Anarchapulco 2019 (Feb 14-17, Acapulco, Mexico) Tickets available at: http://anarchapulco.com TDV's Free Email List: http://dollarvigilante.com/newsletter Original interview from: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/dollar-vigilante-convinced-of-institutional-money-exploding-crypto-industry-as-btc-bottom-nears/ Minds.com - My personal page: https://www.minds.com/jberwick Minds.com - The Dollar Vigilante: https://www.minds.com/DollarVigilante Steemit - My personal page: https://steemit.com/@jeffberwick Steemit - The Dollar Vigilante: https://steemit.com/@dollarvigilante Webtalk - My personal page: https://www.webtalk.co/jeff.berwick BitTube: https://bit.tube/DollarVigilante BitChute: https://bitchute.com/channel/DkNYbFJKDPpX/ DTube: https://d.tube/c/dollarvigilante Original Crush The Street interview here: https://youtu.be/addhg27QX4U
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