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No Reason to Fear (Cover) - Hle Ntombela Mthethwa & Joyful Way Inc.(Live at Explosion of Joy 2018)

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Recorded at Joyful Way Incorporated’s annual event, Explosion of Joy (2018) at the National Theatre - Accra Originally Written & Composed by: J.J. Hairston Re-done & Arranged by: Hle-Ntombela Mthethwa & Siya Mthethwa Lead Vocals: Hle-Ntombela Mthethwa Background Vocals: Joyful Way Inc. Keyboards: Siya Mthethwa Daniel Owusu (Berry) Emmanuel Amoako Munanu Bass: David Ato F. Ribeiro Drums: Selorm Gerald Hiagbe Percussion: Edwin Komey Guitars: Dominic Quashie FOH Engineer: Samuel Koranteng Recording Engineer: Outluk Records Audio Post Production: Outluk Records Mix and Mastering by: Outluk Records Lighting Production: Jobo Lights Video Production: Dreamweaver Entertainment Stage Design: Adinkra ino-V8 Audiovisuals & LED...
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