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AstroNOTS ????The Mars Adventure ????Ep 2 | The First SpaceX Mission to Mars Explodes!

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Stardate 2024: The all female crew of the NASA x SpaceX mission to Mars have finally landed on the red planet! Everything seems to be going well until ALIEN HORDES are discovered! Will they make it off Mars and back to the safety of the ship? Or will everything explode on them!? Cast: Sarah Albritton - @sarahalbritton Vickie Eisenstein - @vickiecomedy Catherine POVs Povinelli - @povscomedy Director: Kenneth Franklin - @KenFTW Camera: Joslyn Nyce - @thenyce1 PA: Madi Flueger - @gotmadi Wouldn't it be cool if Elon Musk packed us up and sent us off on a SpaceX mission to...
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