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TRIPLE Crow BUFF, Massive Tick and Sandy NERF | Brawl Stars Balance Changes

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Here are a list of the balance changes! Buffs: Tara Increased Main Attack Damage from 380 to 420 Increased Black Portal summoned Shadow Pet's Damage from 400 to 600 Jessie Increased Main Attack damage from 820 to 840 Increased Scrappy's Damage from 240 to 260 Crow Increased Main Attack damage from 300 to 320 Increased Super Attack Damage from 300 to 320 Increased Extra Toxic Star Power enemy damage reduction from 13% to 16% Piper Increased Ambush damage from 500 to 800 Mortis Increased Creepy Harvest health restoration from 1400 to 1800 Gene Increased Magic Puffs healing from 200 to...
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