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THE EXPENDABLES 4 [HD] Trailer - Sylvester Stallone , The Rock [Fan Made]

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After an explosion that killed many people, the team disbanded. With only few members remain Barney Ross, Trench,Lee Christmas and Galgo. Fortunately there is a Chinese man that was a former member of the army wants revenge. He claim to have a team with him across the globe. The team joins Barney's mercenary team called The Expendables. Fan Cast -Sylvester Stallone -Arnold Schwarzenegger -Jason Statham -Antonio Banderas New members: -Steven Seagal -Danny Trejo -Nicolas Cage -Liam Neeson -Linda Hamilton -John Cena -Vin Diesel -Keanu Reeves -Jackie Chan -Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ►Fan Cast: If you like my work and want...
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