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Media ADMITS Trump Has WON the Impeachment Fight as Dem Support IMPLODES!!!

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Get The World Famous Patriot Flashlight! Click Here! http://www.patriotflashlight.com Use Promo Code "steve20" for 20% OFF ———————————————————————— ★★★ A NEW CONSERVATIVE AGE IS RISING! ★★★ The media is eating crow today as more and more pundits admit that President Trump has indeed won this impeachment fight as support for the Democrats is imploding. We’re going to look at precisely how the president won this impeachment fiasco and why both the Democrats and the mainstream Marxist media have egg on their face; you’re going to love it. ———————————————————————— ❤ WELCOME EVERYONE!!! ❤ It's WONDERFUL to have you HERE! I post two...
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