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I Put Dragon Ball and MHA Mods in Minecraft Together and Learned the Qurik Explosion!

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Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia Minecraft mods come together to form the Ultimate modpack! Today, we learn Bakugou's Explosion Quirk while training to become Golden Form. Yep, THIS MODPACK IS NUTS! CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL DISCORD CHANNEL: https://discord.gg/owtreyalp __________________________________________________________________ *****BRAND NEW CHANNEL STORE***** T-Shirts and More: https://teespring.com/stores/owtreyalp __________________________________________________________________ *********FAN ART WANTED!!!********* Fan art is definitely wanted! If you have any, make sure to send it to me on twitter (@owTreyalP) or email me at owTreyalP(at)gmail(dot)com! YOUR ART WILL APPEAR ON LIVE STREAMS, TWITTER, INTROS, AND OUTROS! :D __________________________________________________________________ Can We Get 150 Likes for this Video?!? Thanks you guys!...
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