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What About Us - Sara Abi Kanaan

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Cover song of Pink's "What About Us" performed by Sara Abi Kanaan Co-Writer & Producer: Steve Mac Mixed & Mastered by: Houssam Saabi Edited by: Nanor Baghdassarian Produced by: Maya el Sabeh أرابيا أنبوكسينغ، في إصدار خاص جديد، تكشف عن أغنية جديدة لسارة أبي كنعان تكريماً لذكرى الأربعين لانفجار بيروت ، وفي ذكرى محبة لضحايا تلك المأساة. ستذهب كل العائدات لمساعدة جمعية لبنان الغد في جهود إعادة الإعمار Arabia Unboxing, in this special release, reveals a new cover song made by Sarah Abi-Kanaan in honor of the 40th Day memorial of the Beirut explosion, and in loving memory of all the victims of that tragedy. All proceeds will go towards helping Lebanon of Tomorrow Association in its reconstruction efforts. Made in support of Beirut, Lebanon. DONATE: www.lebanonoftomorrow.org
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